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Through the Night


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Stig Saeterbakken

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Beschreibung AutorentextStig Saeterbakken (1966 2012) was one of Norway s most acclaimed contemporary writers. His novels include Through the Night and Siamese (also published by Dalkey Archive).Sean Kinsella was born in Ireland and holds an MPhil in literary translation from Trinity College, Dublin. He has previously translated work by Frode Grytten and Bjarte Breiteig into English, and currently resides in Norway with his wife and two daughters.Klappentext Drawing on fantasy and nightmare, Through the Night is a philosophical horror story charting the madness of a father whose son has committed suicide.ZusammenfassungDentist Karl Meyers worst nightmare comes true when his son, Ole-Jakob, takes his own life. This tragedy is the springboard for a complex novel posing essential questions about human experience: What does sorrow do to a person? How can one live with the pain of unbearable loss? How far can a man be driven by the grief and despair surrounding the death of his child?

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